Traveling solo has its upside at any age, even for widows who are on their own – you do not have to consult anyone when you want to do something particularly interesting.

The downside is that you will have to make all the decisions yourself, including planning and research, which is exhausting. It can feel lonely to not have anyone to share your adventurous spirit with. Not to mention, eating alone every meal on vacation can be very lonely indeed.

You can combine the very best of both worlds by traveling with a group of solo travelers. Here are 10 benefits you can reap from that experience:

  1.  You Will Make New Friends
  2.  You Will Share the Excitement
  3.  You Will Not Feel Lonely
  4.  You Will Feel Safer
  5.  You Don’t Need to Do Any Planning
  6.  You Can Still Have Alone Time
  7.  You Will Have Guidance
  8.  You Will Save on Rates
  9.  You Will Not Pay More for Traveling Single
  10.  Your Comfort Zone Will Be Challenged

Moving forward as a Widow is a challenge. When you are ready, try new things. Traveling can be a start!