After our founder, Reta, lost her husband, she placed a touching quote in a small box alongside her husband’s wedding ring and a note he had written to her. Through the years, as she navigated the process of grief and recovery, she would take out the box to help her cope when times were hard. 

As Reta met other people experiencing their own heart-wrenching losses, Remembering Widows was born. The subscription service creates opportunities for reflection in the lives of those who have suffered a loss, aiming to help them in the rebirth of their new life while honoring what was.

In the founder's words...

One day, while my husband was still alive, I was reading a magazine. There was a quote from Pierce Brosnan from right after he had lost his first wife. In the interview, he stated, “life is good no matter the disappointments… oh the disappointments. Just square your shoulders, and give them your utter best.”

The quote touched me, so I tore it out and kept it. Years later, when my husband passed, I didn’t know how to process my feelings. Then, I remembered Brosnan’s quote.

I retrieved the quote and put it in a small box alongside my husband’s wedding ring and a note he had written me saying how much he loved me.

Throughout the years, when times were hard, I would take the collection of items from the box. It helped me cope.

Now Reta hopes to help others through their difficult journeys out of grief. This is the reason Remembering Widows was born.

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What to Expect

A Monthly Subscription.

As a widow myself, I get it. I’ve walked my own journey through darkness and grief towards hope and growth. It’s a hard journey, but it gets better.

So I put together a collection of items with a specific purpose. Each month, for the duration of the subscription you choose (6 or 12 months), a simple box filled with these items is sent to your grieving friend. This helps them feel love and support for an extended amount of time as they grieve and progress on their journey toward healing. Flowers only last so long.

What is included?

is a keepsake box with a hand-pressed wax seal made with compassion, sympathy, and simplicity. This can be used, if the recipient so desires, as a place to store meaningful mementos or reminders of their loved one who has passed.

is a handmade type-written affirmation that focuses on hope and moving forward.
It is the main item that will be found in the box.

a crystal heart-shaped gem symbolizing love. It’s very small, but serves to give an extra feeling of support and encouragement to the recipient.

Why does it work?

The combination of the 3 items included is designed to allow the recipient space to acknowledge their loss, to process, and to reflect.

The bereaved have so much going on in their life. Loss can feel so overwhelming. The simplicity and directness of the quotes help them refocus on the bigger picture and to make emotional progress within their grief and in the midst of everything that is going on in their world. 

Through the months, they will start to accumulate multiple boxes. Each box can be referred back to when times are hard, to remind them to be present during their journey through grief. 

At the end of the subscription, the recipient will have 6 or 12 little boxes (depending on the subscription) that serve as a reminder of the progress they’ve made.

The Overarching Goal.

Each person’s journey through grief is unique. My hope is to honor that and support grieving individuals as they build themselves into their new reality. It’s important to let go of the past, but they must never let go of love.


Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes repetition is good. They can always pass the extra gift one to someone else.

No refunds are available.

Make sure you want to make this purchase. 

Time and loving attention cannot be refunded but Moving forward is priceless.

If you can make it yourself – please do!

For everyone else who want to send more than just flowers, this is a wonderful gift.

Widows, widowers, orphans, or anyone else who has suffered a loss.

Widows and orphans are usually the most vulnerable.

Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks to process order. Then a gift box will be sent monthly for the duration of the subscription.