Bereavement Gifts for Mom

Has you mom, grandma, aunt or other loved one been widowed recently? Show you care with a heartfelt bereavement gift that will show support to your loved one over the coming months. So often, widows are inundated with flowers and food baskets after their loss but after the initial flow of sympathy ends, they are […]

Positive Affirmations for Widowhood

In the old days we would tear out articles or quotes from magazines.  I had a shoebox full.  One was a quote by Pierce Brosnan after he had lost his first wife.  In the interview, he stated, “Life is good no matter the disappointments…Oh God the disappointments.  Just square your shoulders, and give them your […]

Remembering Widows is the Perfect Bereavement Gift

Many people are confused as to what to send a widowed friend as a bereavement gift. Some choose flowers, but after the funeral ceremony, your friend will experience many months of grief when she might need your support. What is a great bereavement gift for a friend? We think that Remembering Widows, a subscription gift that […]