Do you offer comfort the wrong way? In grief, every word and deed counts

Guest blog by Iris Ruth Pastor There is no gentle way to say this: My husband and I lost three special friends within a two-week period. Their ages: 83, 72, and 65. Two had health issues, but their deaths were nevertheless unexpected. Both died in front of their wives – wives who had stood by […]


If you look for advice on dealing with grief, you will likely find a myriad of ideas-some more helpful than others. Everyone grieves differently. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Here are some basic guidelines that have proved practical for many: 1: ACCEPT SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS According to […]

How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Why are positive affirmations good? Positive affirmations have the power to change the way we think and act in our lives in a positive way. Widows may be bombarded with negative emotions. They may wonder if they could have done more. Or what the futre entails. Or if they can take care of themselves without […]

10 Travel Benefits for Grieving Widows

Traveling solo has its upside at any age, even for widows who are on their own – you do not have to consult anyone when you want to do something particularly interesting. The downside is that you will have to make all the decisions yourself, including planning and research, which is exhausting. It can feel […]

7 Ways Bereaved Widows Can Move Forward

We will never forget our loved ones who passed and yet sometimes memories can be painful. Dwelling on a painful past turns us into stagnant people. No one wants painful experiences coming back. If we want to succeed, we must become a forward thinking people. Widows become stronger when we have a forward facing mindset. […]