Why are positive affirmations good?

Positive affirmations have the power to change the way we think and act in our lives in a positive way. Widows may be bombarded with negative emotions. They may wonder if they could have done more. Or what the futre entails. Or if they can take care of themselves without their mate.

How do positive affirmations affect us?

Positive affirmations can tap into both our conscious and unconscious mind and motivate us to reach our full potential.
They can help alter our behaviors and reassess our beliefs. They can help us make positive changes in our life. Widows need courage and strength to move forward. Positive affirmations can remind them that it can be done.

How can positive affirmations change your life?

Affirmations have the power to motivate you to act on certain things and help you to concentrate on achieving your goals in life. They replace negative thinking patterns with positive thinking patterns. Especially for widows, positive affirmations can reaffirm the positivity back into their lives and help them regain or increase their self-confidence.

Is there science behind positive affirmations?

Yes. Studies prove that positive affirmations help activate the parts of the brain associated with self-related processing and rewards. The same studies also indicate that positive affirmations can help build or restore self-competence.

How do positive affirmations work?

Affirmations teach our Brain new ways to think about the world. If we repeat phrasesto convince our brain of a new thought process, then our brain starts to subconsciously search for signs that will make it true. Specific affirmations are the best because it gives our brain a very clear set of guidelines to process.

How long does it take affirmations to work?

Think of affirmations as a habit. We need to practice regularly to see changes. Commit to affirming yourself for at least 30 days. Just keep in mind it might take a little longer to see improvements. That is why RememberingWidows is a wonderful subscription gift. One new affirmation for 12 or a 6 month period helps the widow to slowly recover and reset her self confidence.   How do I use affirmations?Some people start their mornings with deep breaths and think positive thoughts about their upcoming day. You can also say them out loud so your ears hear your words. Repeated affirmations 2-4 times a day help to redirect thoughts and emotions. Afterwards, try and let go of any negative thoughts.

How do affirmations help us process grief?

Losing a loved one is one of the most significant and stressful life events that we can  experience. Grief will be different for each of us but it can be really helpful to validate the sadness before trying to move through it. Positive affirmations can bring clarity to the present moment. During difficult times they can steady your emotions and create a more positive mindset. As you go through the grieving process, try to connect with yourself during quiet moments and use affirmations that resonate in a positive way.