We will never forget our loved ones who passed and yet sometimes memories can be painful.

Dwelling on a painful past turns us into stagnant people. No one wants painful experiences coming back. If we want to succeed, we must become a forward thinking people.

Widows become stronger when we have a forward facing mindset.

7 ways to succeed at forget painful painful thoughts or memories.

  1. Forget failure. Remember lessons.
  2. Forget disappointment. Remember what you saw in yourself.
  3. Forget pain. Remember people that enabled your growth.
  4. Forget the mess. Remember the reward.
  5. Forget things that weakened you. Remember that you’re stronger today.
  6. Forget those that threw barriers. Remember people who provided opportunity.
  7. Forget doubt. Remember things that strengthen belief. Remember times you overcame adversity instead of times you threw in the towel.