In the old days we would tear out articles or quotes from magazines.  I had a shoebox full.  One was a quote by Pierce Brosnan after he had lost his first wife.  In the interview, he stated, “Life is good no matter the disappointments…Oh God the disappointments.  Just square your shoulders, and give them your utter best.”  I knew disappointments.  I tore out the quote and kept it.  When my husband passed, I understood the emotions behind his words.  Someone had felt it before me and survived.  I could too.

How did you use the affirmation to help you cope with widowhood?

I retrieved the quote and put it in a small box alongside my husband’s wedding ring and a note he had written me saying how much he loved me. Throughout the years when times were hard, I would take the collection of items from the box. It helped bring back good memories and helped me to cope and move forward.

How can a positive affirmation help process grief?

When emotions can feel so negative a positive affirmation about moving forward in widowhood is a nice When emotions feel so negative, a positive affirmation about moving forward in widowhood is a nice change in thinking.

Do you think that a positive affirmation can bring clarity to the present moment? 

Everyone experiences loss in their own personal way.  It can feel very lonely.  Feeling grief is important.  Everyone experiences loss in his or her own personal way.  It can feel very lonely.  Feeling grief is important.  When the time is right, we have to move forward. We need positive thinking to move forward and be the person we need to be.

Do you think that words of encouragement help widows and widowers move on? 

Yes! It’s easy to stay on the road of despair. Positive affirmations for widowhood reminds us that others have gone through this before us and were able to adjust.  We can too.  Going from being part of a couple to being what can feel like the third wheel is devastating.  Being on your own takes strength.

How would the recipient of Remembering Widows use the monthly gift?

As the recipient receives the keepsake box, it reminds them to take time to reflect and breathe. She can keep the collection or pass on to someone who might appreciate the gift.

How can positive affirmations help you get through the day when you feel overwhelmed with grief?

Positive affirmations for widowhood reminds the widow that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.  It is also normal to move forward and accept new challenges.  And to ponder your future and who you want to be.

Why did you decide to help people experiencing the loss of a loved one with the Remembering Widows bereavement gift?

IIt’s frustrating to want to help a loved one but not be sure what to do.  Grieving takes time.  You want to be there for the widow but also give her the space she needs.  This gift is a consistent act of kindness without being intrusive.

How did you start the business?  highlight your brainstorming and any challenges and how you overcame them.  

I went through all the quotes I had collected over the years and recognized the ones that really helped me to move forward.  I systematically put together the box in a way that was simple yet elegant.  The response from others helped me see the value of sending this monthly for 12 months.  

Remembering Widows is supposed to be send to grieving friends, but what if I want to send it to myself?

It is suggested for friends to send as a bereavement gift mostly because the widow may not know exactly what she needs.  If I could go back in time this is what I would have sent to myself.  Don’t feel you have to wait on someone else.  If you feel you can benefit from this, purchase the Remembering Widows subscription for yourself.

Is Remembering Widows just for widows?

Anyone who feels loss can benefit from this, either as a gift to others or to ourselves.  We all have value.  It takes humility to accept kindness from others or even ourselves.  We are worth it!

What does the subscription entail? 

A shipment with the keepsake box will be shipped the first of each month of the 12 or 6 month subscription. The first box will have an introductory letter included explaining the gift that was purchased.  The last box will have an encouraging letter about the journey forward.