Many people are confused as to what to send a widowed friend as a bereavement gift. Some choose flowers, but after the funeral ceremony, your friend will experience many months of grief when she might need your support.

What is a great bereavement gift for a friend?

We think that Remembering Widows, a subscription gift that will arrive on a monthly basis is an ideal gift. Because it is a subscription, it becomes a consistent act of kindness.  Spaced out monthly, it does not feel intrusive. Because it is being sent indirectly from you, it gives needed space to the recipient and at the same time shows that you care.

What does Remembering Widows Consist Of?

Remembering Widows can be ordered as a 12 month or 6 month subscription.  Each month your friend will receive a classic box that is perfect for saving a keepsake item of her choice.  Along with the box, we include a positive affirmation that acknowledges the pain your friend is feeling but that also encourages her to move forward. Also included within is a small Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystal shaped heart.

What makes Remembering Widows a unique bereavement gift?

When someone loses a mate, how can you show support?  What can you say or do that will help?

Remember that grieving takes time. Remembering Widows is an extension of the time and comfort you want to offer. 

Why do you include positive affirmations in the keepsake box?

Positive affirmations help to redirect thoughts. They give the recipient the chance to breathe and help her to move forward with baby steps as life goes on.

Can you show me a sample of the kind of affirmations my friend would receive within the box?

Yes. “You have the power to fight your way out of loneliness.  It is in your control.”
“You”ll make mistakes all the way.  All you can does learn from these – adjust accordingly and move on.”

What is the significance of the gem within the keepsake box?

The small gem included with the Remembering Widows subscription reflects light in beautiful colors.  Preciosa crystals were established in 1948 in North Bohemia. The company is well known for the state-of-the art technology in their manufacturing process.  The name Preciosa is derived from Latin, meaning precious and valuable. The heart shaped gem is included to remind the Widow how precious she is as it reflects the light coming from her.  

Why would I give Remembering Widows instead of flowers of a gift basket?

Consistent acts of kindness, time and love is the foundation of Remembering Widows. This is not something a Widow would buy for herself.  This is an option for you, her friend, to show comfort and support.  Sometimes the smallest things have great meaning. Grieving takes time and because Remembering Widows is not perishable, the widow can keep it your gift and go back to it at any time.   

Is Remembering Widows just for widows?

No. Widowers feel pain and loss as well. People who have lost parents and other loved ones could also benefit from your support. Remembering Widows serves many who have experienced the loss of their loved ones and need a little help healing.

You mentioned this was a keepsake box. Should my friend put something in there? What kinds of things would fit?

When I made the first box for myself, I put in my husband’s wedding ring and a folded note he had wrote me saying he loved me.  Something small that touches her heart.

Does it come with instructions or an explanation?

Yes, the first box is accompanied with a letter explaining the meaning of the gift, and how it was sent by a friend or loved one. The last box also contains a letter acknowledging the journey and encouragement on moving forward.